Residents fury at dog fouling

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Angry Waingroves residents have slammed dog walkers for not cleaning up their dog’s mess on the village streets.

Hotspots for the faeces appear to be along Church Street and Waingroves Road, alongside the Eden Development.

Resident Karen Hall said it was both unhygienic and unsightly and urged owners to clean up after their pets.

She said: “The amount of dog fouling in Waingroves in shocking and is making a simple walk down the street using the pavement almost impossible due the piles.

“The Saturday of the village Wassail event, I counted 33 heaps between the village community centre and chapel and that was on just one side of the road. “What the hell is wrong with these people? The 40-metre path between Waingroves and Codnor at the side of the Eden development was so bad last week that I contacted the local councillor for help. This path is used by parents and children to access the school and it is absolutely disgusting.

“Waingroves has a lot of dog owners, the vast majority of which clean up after their dogs. There are however, some regular repeat offenders and they need to be identified, named and shamed as this is unacceptable. Watch out dirty dog owners – you will be caught.”

Fellow resident Tom Ecclestone added: “It is truly disgusting and not something I would like to see my child step in. People need to take into consideration it is a health risk.”

An Amber Valley Borough Council spokesman said: “We take issues concerning dog fouling in public areas very seriously. Dog faeces is a health hazard and can cause blindness in young children.

“Our neighbourhood wardens continually strive to catch offenders and can issue on the spot fixed penalty notices.

“The council will also issue fixed penalty notices on a witness statement. A witness could be a neighbour or a complete stranger. Any information provided will remain confidential. Anyone wishing to make a complaint regarding dog fouling can call our helpline on 01773 841335.”