Reprieve for office after promise from police

a POLICE enquiry office facing closure in Alfreton has won a reprive after it emerged the Chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority had promised town councillors they would be consulted before a decision was made.

Chairman Phillip Hickson wrote to the council in December, claiming he had no “knowledge of any proposals for Alfreton” and promised a full consultation.

But councillors were dismayed by police announcement last week that nine offices, including Alfreton were earmarked for closure in a bid to deal with a £13 million deficit. Leader of the town council Cllr Scott Walker said: “You can imagine my surprise and anger on behalf of the people of Alfreton on discovering that the closure was a done deal.”

Mr Hickson has now said closure plans for Alfreton have been put on hold until the authority can meet with the council, “when the proposals can be discussed in detail and concerns aired”.

Voicing criticisms over the telephone system used outside of the Hall Street office’s opening hours, Cllr Marlene Bennet said: “We are repeatedly told that people don’t feel comfortable calling a central helpline.

Heanor’s Godfrey Street office is also due to close on Saturday,