Reader letter: Yuletide bonanza was worth it

the Angel bar in Ripley. The most decorated pub.
the Angel bar in Ripley. The most decorated pub.

Myself, and all the staff at The Angel in Ripley, have been genuinely overwhelmed by the positive response from all our customers, old and new, who have visited us to view our Christmas decorations.

So many people have read, heard or seen the extensive coverage of our efforts to create the most Christmassy pub in the area.

Sometimes, when you make an effort to do something a little different, you often question: is the extra work it akes by all those involved worthwhile?

I can honestly say that everybody’s efforts at The Angel have been rewarded. However, all the plaudits we have received have been eclipsed by a letter and an image of the Christmas tree ornament they have sent to us from The Alamo in San Antonio. It will take pride of place on our 20ft high Christmas tree!

None of these events would have occurred had it not been for the coverage provided by yourselves and everyone at The Angel thanks you most sincerely.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

-Peter Clay

The Angel, Ripley