Reader letter: We should divide Amber Valley


It is well known that the general election is next May equally the 2015 local electionsw to both Amber Valley Borough Council and the town councils of Alfreton, Belper, Heanor and last but not least Ripley.

Parish councils are held in Holbrook, Denby, Kilburn, Smalley but to mention a few.

I personally would like to see an end to Amber Valley Borough Council and to return to the four towns that make up Amber Valley running their own affairs.

Amber Valley like many local authorities like it, was forced on the public by Edward Heath forty years ago. In that time many of our green fields have been vandlaised not through criminal activity but the blatant destruction of successive councils of all political parties.

The councils in this country no longer have a say in their own finances - central government has seen to that.I would like to see the council tax reformed at the moment what a council tenant pays is levied according to the rateable value of the home. Council tax should be paid by people in work with those on or just above the minimum wage exempt.

Local councils not central Government should set the levy after all what’s the point calling it a council tax?Local should mean local, that is why I would like to see candidates fielded at next May’s elections with no political axe to grind as independents.

I personally will canvas for such a candidate because I want an end to the current Punch and Judy show as is operated by both Labour and Conservative parties.

-John Rotherham

Field Terrace, Ripley