Reader letter: We must retain this iconic building

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I suppose we should be grateful that Derby College have finally made their intentions known, albeit it is sad that they no longer have an interest in providing education and training in the town.

Unfortunately they are now intending to go to the market with the sale of the Old Heanor Grammar School building that now requires significant investment to bring it back to a standard which Heanor deserves.

The site and its building was given to the people of Heanor by the Miller Mundy family, therefore, it would appear appropriate that it remains for the benefit of the local community.

However, before we get to carried away with what the building could be used for in the future and the list is long and well documented.

There are some fundamental questions requiring answers none more so than how does the property remain in public ownership and where does the finance come from for the required redevelopment?

We clearly have an opportunity not to be wasted to retain this iconic building and develop it for the existing and future residents of Heanor and surrounding area, however, it will require someone to champion the project and take a strategic lead, I call upon AVBC to take this role and accept responsibility to find a solution that benefits the aspirations of the town and local community.

Anthony Wardle

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