Reader letter: Stop spending on ‘useless projects’

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May I comment on the letter in April 9’s Ripley & Heanor News by Mary McAlvaney, strategic director for adult care at Derbyshire County Council?

I note with interest that she, like all others at Matlock, claim financial constraints within the council and yet they can use large amounts of finances on what I believe are useless projects that bring no returns.

Fact, they are spending £159,000 on a new public relations company when they already have one, £750,000 to 1M on upgrading all speed cameras in the county, and £50,000 on upgrading a set of traffic lights on one traffic island system.

The amount spent on the Horns Bridge roundabout upgrade in Chesterfield is not known and yet we still observe road accidents on a weekly basis together with gridlock.

The recent highways project from the rail station has not and cannot be of any useful purpose for which it was implemented, this being the relief of standing traffic trying to enter the A61 bypass and a reduction in air pollution around that area.

Costs of this are not known.

We have now just observed the A6192 Erin Road upgrade of which I am awaiting financial details, this was upgraded for the Markham Vale site but I question just what use it will be for that site as the M1, J29a, already provides all that is required for that area together with integrated roads.

Yet another waste of

finance in my opinion, but of course it was financed by a government grant.

No finances for road

repairs though.

Some while back a new camera site was

constructed for mobile cameras at Bramley Vale A617 but this brought the area into a highly dangerous situation when being operated and had to be abandoned, I was though informed that it was “value for money” by those at Matlock.

Over the past months I have informed Matlock of many areas where finances could be saved but all have fallen on deaf ears.

Various lights consuming power every day, 365 days a year, for no apparent reason as they are ineffective in the daytime, a simple light detector sensor would be effective but they prefer to change all fittings, again the costs unknown.

At one council meeting the leader was asked what was her greatest achievement, her response being that “she had brought Derbyshire into the 21st century by now

having three female


No-one takes in anything that they are informed of and any response that one does receive leaves much to be desired, I feel.

Before anyone at Matlock claims shortage of finances they should evaluate their whole operations and observe just where costs can be cut, it doesn’t take a masters degree to know what is required.


Lime Close, Calow