Reader letter: Preventing diabetes amputations

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We are looking for people to help us spread the word about the shocking numbers of people with diabetes who, as a devastating consequence of their condition, have had an amputation.

I hope your readers may be able to help us in our search. Perhaps they have had an amputation as a result of their diabetes, or know someone who has?

By sharing personal experiences and stories of living with a diabetes-related amputation, people can really help us to highlight the seriousness of this problem as we work to put a stop to unnecessary amputations.

Every week more than 100 leg, foot or toe amputations are carried out on people with diabetes – but 80 per cent of these could have been prevented. This is why we are campaigning for the NHS to consistently give people high quality annual foot checks, to ensure they understand their risk of foot problems and that they know how to care for their feet.

We also need to see people with diabetes receiving better access to good quality foot care locally, across primary, community and specialist services.

We are campaigning hard to put an end to unnecessary amputations.

By sharing their personal stories people who have diabetes and have had an amputation can help us move closer to achieving this goal.

People who are happy to share their stories are invited to send a brief summary of their experience to Diabetes UK via email:

Stephen Ryan

Diabetes UK