Reader letter: Please don’t turn college into flats

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Re: Derby College site, Heanor. How disappointed am I to see this site is to be sold! There is such an opportunity for our community to make this building the Hub of our town.

If the powers that be could just see what is staring them in the face, this beautiful building could be well used, and with plenty of available free parking to boot!

This building should and could have been partly used as our new library, what an appropriate building for that.

It could also be used for the Citizens Advice Bureau office. Part of the building could also be a local theatre group meeting place, where productions could be presented and perhaps a small cinema, oh how good would this all be for OUR community. I’m sure there are more of you who like me, feel this building should be a well kept part of our town and I’m sure you have many more ideas to go along with mine. It won’t matter how many ideas we can come up with though, the answer we will get from the powers that be is, THERE’S NO MONEY! My last words on this matter are, PLEASE PLEASE don’t give permission for this building to be knocked down and PLEASE, no more flats!! I’m sure there will be many letters over the next weeks regarding this matter.

-Dawn Botham

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