Reader letter: MP ‘snubbed’ us over dumped waste

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.
Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.

As residents of the Cromford View estate in Ripley, we were keenly interested in your front page headline story “Sort It”, which concerned the 10,000 tonnes of waste soil stockpiled by Morris Homes on land adjacent to the Cromford View estate, which they were required to develop into a small park for the enjoyment of residents of the area.

The quote by Kevin Gillott, Labour’s candidate for Amber Valley at the forthcoming General Election, has prompted us to provide your readers with some interesting background to this dispute.

In the spirit of even-handedness, the spokesman for our campaigning group invited representatives from the two main political parties to support our struggle to get the soil removed. Mr Gillott from the Labour Party willingly agreed to join us for a group photograph on what turned out to be an extremely cold, wet Sunday afternoon.

He arrived on time and in an amiable mood in spite of the weather and we all came away with a strong feeling that here was a man who seemed genuinely prepared to engage in local issues.

By direct contrast, Nigel Mills MP was twice invited to be involved but failed to even acknowledge the communications.

We were a little less surprised by his rebuff when a glossy flyer entitled “Nigel Mills MP – My Plan for Amber Valley” dropped through the letterbox.

A photograph on the inside cover showed Mr Mills at a building site in Ripley, smartly bedecked in safety gear bearing the logo of none other than Morris Homes!

Businesses are perfectly entitled to the MP’s support, of course, but, as his constituents, so are we. With the General Election now less than two months away, and with the Candy Crush episode still fresh in peoples’ minds, we are surprised that this particular politician felt that he could so comfortably put in jeopardy the potential support of some 300 residents of voting age on the Cromford View estate.

Snub the electorate at your peril, Mr Mills, or you may find yourself with rather more time to get involved after 7th May.

Mr M F Ball and

Mrs J Thorpe

by email