Reader letter: Council strategy deserves thanks

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AVBC’s decision to modify the Draft Core Strategy and remove several greenbelt sites deserves our thanks. At the meeting held on Oct 15th they agreed to remove 934 houses from greenbelt land, saving a considerable amount of our precious green space.

This is a welcome change from the previous administration who wanted to destroy the communities of Codnor and Ripley, were fixated on overwhelming the east of the borough with housing, reducing our recreational land and saddling the entire borough with a 30 million pound debt for years to come to fund a feeder road to serve the new housing estates.

It’s encouraging to see that our politicians are actually representing the views of the electorate and have honored an election pledge rather than being motivated by petty personal/political motives which will be harmful to whole communities for a very long time.

- STOP 500, Codnor community group.