Reader letter: Community unites after fire tragedy

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The fire on North Street in Langley Mill and the loss of three young lives is a terrible tragedy.

The families of those who died will never get over these losses and those who were there will never forget what happened.

It has affected us all deeply.

In the face of that there has been an overwhelming response from the community of

Langley Mill to show unity through grief and

generous support.

At St Andrew’s we opened up for two days for folk to share their feelings through writing in books of condolence, offering gifts for those who had lost so much, or simply to come to be quiet and pray. In fact both St Andrew’s and St John’s opened their doors in this way and

provided hospitality.

The number of gifts of clothes and household items became so large that we held a jumble sale on Saturday as there was much more than those affected could make use of. The Miners’ Welfare was also open providing food and they made a donation towards the fund. At church we made £900, which included donations and a raffle. The unsold clothing was sold by weight and raised a further £180.

Aldercar and Langley Mill Parish Council, the local Police and the church will work together to ensure that the funds raised are distributed fairly.

I would like to thank all those who have worked so hard and been so very generous in their


We continue to pray for all those affected.

Rev Helen Penfold

St Andrew’s, Langley Mill