Reader letter: Cameron is desperate

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David Cameron’s recent speech on European immigration is the latest in a series of desperate moves from a Conservative party which is in full scale panic. We’ve had: ‘Go home or face arrest’ vans.

We’ve had: if you are from the European Union and want to move to Britain - go and register at a police office. We’ve had: if you’re out of work, even for a few months, go back to where you came from. And if you are fortunate enough to be here, don’t think of sending money back to your children. In her Bruges speech in 1988, Margaret Thatcher said: “Britain does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community. Our destiny is in Europe, as part of the Community. ”So what happened to that Conservative destiny? We know the answer. The dual menace of the Tory headbangers and the rise of UKIP.There is nothing patriotic about bashing immigration from Europe. It’s opportunistic, weak and fundamentally un-British.The simple fact is this: migrants from the EU claim less in benefits than people born in this country. They are a massive net positive to the UK economy. The Tories are scared to admit this. They have lost all sense of political courage - and that’s why people have lost confidence in them. Their nasty scaremongering is the worst type of posturing. The real patriotic case is for Britain to remain in Europe - our jobs and our economic future depend on it.

-Kate Smith

Hillcrest, Crich