Rare creepy-crawly find at park

A RARE species of spider has been discovered at Shipley Nature Reserve this week.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, which owns the Shipley reserve, was holding an annual volunteers’ barbecue on Friday when one of its members spotted the unusual-looking arachnid known as Cheiracanthium erraticum. The details of the find were passed on to the Spider Recording Scheme, which was able to confirm that this was a county first. The sighting has now been entered on to a national database.

A spokesperson for the trust said the find ‘puts Shipley Nature Reserve on the map’ as far as spiders were concerned.

In addition to Friday’s discovery, the Trust’s public open day held at the reserve found insect species including small heath butterfly, burnet companion moth and the nymphs of the long-winged conehead, a bush cricket species which has only recently started to colonise Derbyshire. The reserve is on land to the south of the former American Adventure theme park.