Pupils learn to scooter their way to school

Pupils at Denby Free CE (Aided) Primary school are taking part in a Scooter Smart course to encourage greener, healthier & safer travel to school.

As part of work to reduce the number of cars on the school run Denby Free School is encouraging children to think of the different ways they could travel to lessons.

Along with walking and cycling some children also use micro-scooters to make the journey to school.

The scooter course aims to teach children how to stay safe when near roads, as well as making sure they look out and give way to other people using the pavement.

Mrs Lyn Reeve, teacher at Denby Free School said, “We want to try and help reduce congestion around school by encouraging children to walk and cycle if they can. After the Scooter Smart course children will have skills to help keep themselves and others safer, as well as being able to choose a greener and healthier way to travel rather than arriving at school in a car.”