Pupils experience taste of Viking life

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Staff and students at Marlpool Junior School really got into character as part of their history topic - the Vikings.

As part of the day, a real-life Viking visited the school and prepared the Year Five and Year Six children for life in a Norse village.

The children were shown a selection of real animal skins and decided what the Vikings would have used them for.

They had an opportunity to try them on, which many children found to be 

Students also composed their own Viking chants and had chance to experiment with a selection of shields, swords, weapons and armour.

The day taught pupils about the history of Vikings and Saxons, the clothes they wore and their pasttimes.

Teacher Becky Stevenson said: “It was great to see the children mesmerised by the Viking coming into school.

“Marlpool love bringing their topics alive and it was a brilliant day for us all!”