Pub author’s charity boost

The author of a book celebrating Swanwick’s pubs and the lives of four regulars has donated £300 from book sales to a leading cancer charity.

Gary Peacock published ‘The Death of the Regular’ last year and pledged £1 from every sale of the book to Macmillan Cancer Support - presenting a cheque last Thursday at the Boot and Slippers Inn.

The book tells the amusing and moving story of four frequent Swanwick pub-goers and investigates the demise of the English public house as a meeting place and centre of the community.

Author Gary, 50, of Hickton Road, also shares his memories of South Yorkshire in the Seventies and Eighties, “recalling an era before the iPhone, X-box and CCTV tracked your every move.”

He said: “This was really my first serious attempt at being an author, so you could call it a mid life crisis.

“I had four friends die within the space of a couple of years, and they were very funny men and pub stalwarts, they were all older than me, but it struck me that as this breed of man was dying off, so were the pubs that they enjoyed so much. One evening I decided I wanted to get down some of their humour and investigate the reasons for the demise of the local. The four men were George Woolley, Gerald Sheppard, David Simpson and Terry Waite all Swanwick locals, their families were involved and provided many stories and anecdotes. I like to think there’s a lot of humour in there and there’s certainly a bit about Swanwick it’s history and a chunk of notoriety. I decided to take a chance and self publish after being shocked at the prices quoted by vanity publishers. It’s been a success in that I’ve just about sold out of the original 300 copies and am contemplating a revised print run.

“Three of the four died of cancer, so when I suggested a charitable donation of a £1 per sale the Widows agreed on Macmillan nurses.”

The book is available on kindle, at, and can be ordered via The Gate Inn, Boot & Slipper or Booth’s newsagents in Swanwick.