Problems at town play park

NILA 25-09-12 BE 1 Park near Ilkeston tesco site.
NILA 25-09-12 BE 1 Park near Ilkeston tesco site.

A dad has refused to take his son to an Ilkeston park after finding broken glass, dog mess and broken play equipment on his last visit.

Steven Mason took three-year-old Daniel to the Wash Meadows play park near Tesco but the pair had to leave due to the state of the area.

Steven said: “It was disgusting and it wasn’t the first time it had been in that state either.

“Back in May I emailed the council about the dog mess, broken glass and damaged rocking horses.

“I was told it had been sorted but there is always broken glass and dog mess and the toys are still damaged.

“More needs to be done to sort this out. It’s dangerous and kids can’t use it as it is.”

Steven said he now takes his son to other parks in the area and won’t return to the other site.

Dave Bramwell, head of green space and street scene at Erewash Borough Counci said: “The council has cleared the Wash Meadows play area of broken glass and other debris on several occasions as a result of repeated anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

“The council’s community safety team are monitoring the situation.

“We are aware that as a result of repeated damage some repairs will need to be carried out on the play equipment and are considering a number of options to improve the play area and to find a solution to the repeated damage of the equipment through anti-social behaviour.”