Power plant air test fears

SP90916 Pye Bridge incinerator protest.
SP90916 Pye Bridge incinerator protest.

AN ENVIRONMENTAL action group’s plea for air quality testing in Somercotes has been refused by a council.

AVAIN (Amber Valley Against Incinerators) was formed last summer to protest against a proposed £8m incinerator power plant on the Pye Bridge Industrial Estate amid fears of pollution, health risks and traffic chaos.

Calls for the air-quality test were voted down by Amber Valley Conservative councillors last week. AVAIN chairman Simon Lee claimed: “They are playing party politics with public health.

“Amber Valley Borough Council has no current ward-specific data about air quality – all they have is a generic one for the entire borough.

“That’s no use if you have got a completely bespoke generator. Without that information, how can you say nothing is coming off the industrial estate, or the landfill site or the M1?”

Conservative councilllor David Bowley said: “We thought it was unfair that the borough council should pay to have it when actually those plans for the incinerator will go to the county council. They should pick up the bill.”

An Amber Valley spokesman said of the current policy: “To date we have not identified any areas likely to exceed the standards and have therefore not declared any Air Quality Management Areas. All of our yearly reports and their conclusions have been submitted to, and approved by, DEFRA.”

In May, AVAIN submitted a 15-point document to Derbyshire County Council objecting to the application by Warwick Energy Ltd for an incinerator which converts fuel briquettes into energy. The council is currently considering the potential impact on roads in the area if the waste briquettes used in the gasification process are imported from other sites. AVAIN press officer Kathryn Revilles said: “The B600 is very, very busy. It’s quite a dangerous road and there isn’t enough width so you have lorries mounting the pavement. It’s a big concern.”

Mr Lee said AVAIN planned to form an independent political party in Amber Valley: “If the councillors aren’t doing what we ask we have to challenge them.”

Warwick Energy Ltd says the Environment Agency would monitor any emissions from the plant and denies it poses a threat to public health.



I understand derbyshire county council want warwick energy ltd to produce a document about a potential increase to traffic on the B600 if waste briquettes are to be brought to the site.

1. do Warwick intend to ‘import’ waste briquettes from other sites?

2. if so - how many?

3. where would they come from?

4. what implications would this have for increased traffic?

5. do you have a rough figure for projected traffic movements?

6. would Warwick like to comment on local fears about congestion on the B600?

for warwick - Rachel Goddard

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