Ripley residents have until September 6 to comment on Neighbourhood Plan

Ripley Town Council.
Ripley Town Council.

Ripley Town Council is updating the area’s Neighbourhood Plan and residents have been urged to take part in a consultation to air their views.

Thinking ahead to 2028, the authority wants to develop a distinctive vision for the Ripley Township (Ripley, Marehay, Waingroves, Ambergate, Bullbridge, Lower Hartshay, Street Lane, Heage, Nether Heage and Sawmills).

Leader of Ripley Town Council, Councillor Steve Freeborn said: “The current Ripley Neighbourhood Plan has been in place since only 2014 but the Council has decided that it’s time for it to be reviewed if The Plan is to continue to have real meaning.”

He added: “We want to know the views of our local community.

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“The core objectives of The Plan are to look at housing, open and green space, environment and ecology, economic and employment development, Ripley Town Centre, Villages, community facilities, heritage, sustainability, transport and connectivity.”

The updated version of the plan for 2019 available online states: “The overwhelming view from local people is that they value the individual character of the town and

surrounding area.

“Local people and businesses have indicated a desire to increase and improve the range of facilities and services available in the area and for Ripley Township to be more self-sufficient.

“There is a strong preference for new development to take place on previously developed brownfield sites, with a corresponding minimal reliance on Greenfield sites, with particular emphasis on the avoidance of the use of land within the Green Belt if possible.

“The community has indicated that the character of the area is founded upon the important open spaces within and around Ripley town itself, and the countryside in the wider Township.”

This includes several heritage features of great significance which should be afforded appropriate protection.

The Core Objectives include identifying sites where new development would readily integrate into the area.

The aim is to steer the provision of new housing to previously developed sites and other sites within and around the town which avoid, where possible, areas in the Green Belt and other important open spaces.

Another aim is to avoid housing development on sites that would lead to the coalescence of Ripley with neighbouring settlements, particularly with Codnor and more affordable housing.

The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed online here or Ripley Town Council office.