Play producers seek Jesus actor

An actor to play Jesus is being sought by organisers of a Belper drama festival, who are bringing a performance of The Passion to the town’s streets.

In a ground breaking partnership, Churches Together in Belper, The Belper Short Play Festival and Derwent Community Theatre are combining to help stage the production next March.

George Gunby of the Belper Short Play Festival said: “This is a very exciting project for everybody concerned.

“This will be a community wide piece that will use the streets and buildings of Belper as it’s stage.

“It’s certainly not going to be a traditional swords and sandals Passion Play.

“The production will be up to date and we will be utilising social networks and digital technology.

“However, as important as the production values are, it’s the actors who are the most important element.”

Among the other characters still to be cast by producers are Pilate, the Chief Priest, Peter, Mary, Mary Magdelene and Judas.

Director Larry Waller is keen to get the right people on board.

He said: “We aren’t necessarily looking for the traditional Jesus look. Long hair and a beard are not essentials.

“What we are looking for is talent and charisma and we are looking now.

“Starting the search now gives us time to find the right person.”

Anyone interested can contact Mr Gunby by emailing or by logging on to the website