Plan submitted for street on mill site

NRHNBE120501b1, Smiths flour mills, Langley Mill.
NRHNBE120501b1, Smiths flour mills, Langley Mill.

A plan to transform an abandoned flour mill into a new cul-de-sac has won initial favour with councillors in Langley Mill.

The former Smiths Flour Mill was established on Cromford Road in 1820 - but ceased production finally in 2012 shortly after being aquired by Northamptonshire firm Whitworth Brothers.

It has almost been a year since contractors began moving onto the site to demolish it, in what many saw as a sad loss of the mill industry which gave the village its name.

Now developers Whitworth Brothers Limited has lodged a plan to build a neat T-shaped cul-de-sac of 24 homes on the site.

Amber Valley Borough Coucnillor for the Langley Mill and Aldercar ward Brian gration, said: “I’m all for it, as I’ve said all along that I didn’t want that site to be left for weeds to grow and become an eyesore.”

The development is for 18 three-bedroomed detached homes and four three-bed semi-detatched homes.

In a design and access statement submitted with the application it also states that the site would become an ‘eyesore’ if left undeveloped.

Chairman of Aldercar and Langley Mill Parish Council Cllr Mick Fowkes, said: “My own personal opinion is that it will cover another empty space.

“It was sad that the mill had to come down, but if that site has to be housing, it has to be housing.

“Also it’s not going to be masses of houses. But its really early days, things could change.”

Discussions are taking place between the parish council and the developers to decide where to place the mill stone monument, currently mounted at the former entrance to the Smiths site, if the development is approved.

The mill stone would have been used at the site up until 1970 to grind flour. Whitworths donated it to the parish council before Christmas.