Pint-sized Jim joins the college

Jim at Broomfield College
Jim at Broomfield College

Derby College’s Equine department at Broomfield Hall, Morley, has welcomed an addition to the stables – a miniature Shetland Pony called Jim.

He is the size of a large dog, and will have various roles at the college. As well as being a small and manageable introduction to horse care for new Equine and Animal Care students – the five-year-old pony will also make star appearances at children’s birthday parties at the Food Hub at Broomfield.

Equine Team Leader Stephanie Meadows explained: “Jim joins the 28 horses that are owned by or loaned to the College and is already settling in really well.

“We decided to buy him from his local owner to help to introduce new students to horse handling. He has such a lovely temperament.