Petition launched to get ‘privacy’ glass at leisure centre

A CAMPAIGN to install tinted ‘privacy’ glass at Alfreton Leisure Centre has gathered 230 names in an online petition.

Mum-of-two Angie Tolley, of Newton, started the campaign after she noticed a man staring at children in the swimming pool from the car park. Mrs Tolley, a former social worker, said: “A lone man would be asked to leave a baby session immediately if he was in the small pool, so why is it acceptable to allow anyone to watch from the road? I appreciate it’s a wonderful leisure centre – but I don’t think they have looked at other risks.”

Mrs Tolley has vowed not to take her sons, aged three and three months, to the pool until the changes are made. The Petition for Privacy Glass at Alfreton Leisure Centre Pool is on Facebook.

Jackie Goacher, contract manager for DC Leisure which operates three leisure centres in Amber Valley, said: “We have had one complaint about one gentleman looking through the window at the children swimming - he was doing nothing inappropriate. There have been no other instances that I’m aware of. The pools are built to current design standards - making it clear and visible and open.”