New council tax support scheme will help benefit claimants in Amber Valley

New council tax support scheme has been introduced
New council tax support scheme has been introduced

Benefit claimants on low incomes in Amber Valley will receive extra help with their council tax payments.

This comes after members of the borough council agreed to amend the council tax support scheme, at a meeting on Wednesday, January 29.

Previously all working age benefit claimants were subject to an 8.5 per cent reduction in their council tax support.

Under the new system this reduction will no longer be applied and, from April 1, claimants on a low wage can receive full support on their council tax bill.

This means working age claimants are now eligible to the same level of support as pension age claimants.

It is estimated the changes will financially benefit approximately 4,750 residents on the lowest incomes across the borough.

A recent consultation exercise was carried out between September and November 2019 and involved residents, housing providers, welfare advisors, parish councils along with the other council tax recipients including Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Feedback to the proposal was overwhelmingly positive.

Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council, Coun Chris Emmas-Williams, said: "We believe it is only fair that working age claimants should be eligible for the same level of council tax support as pension age claimants.

“And we feel that this change will also help the many local people who have been adversely affected by issues connected with the introduction of universal credit."