Langley Mill boxing club focuses on member's mental health with Mind Derbyshire event

Lion's Den gives its member's more than just your average work out.

Monday, 4th November 2019, 10:01 am
The members of Lion's Den boxing club are fighting to raise money for a worth cause.

The Lion’s Den boxing club in Langley Mill, has collaborated with Full Power Fitness in Heanor to create a place not just for people to get fit but to work out their issues in a supportive atmosphere that is “like a family”, ending the stigma on “predominately male mental health issues”.

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In a bid to boost support for members and the community they belong to are hosting a charity boxing event to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention, donating proceeds to Mind Derbyshire at Genesis in Alfreton on November 30.

Organisers and boxers alike have faced loss in the boxing community and this event is one that is “close to their hearts”.

The gym prides itself on “using the powerful tool of sport and coaching to install confidence and positivity to really help people through tough times”.

Ross Lawson, 40, from Ilkeston, Sam Goodrum, 34, from Langley Mill, Matt Kirkman, 38, from Ripley, Paul Holmes, 38, from Giltbrook and Jay Sansom, 26, from Ilkeston are at the forefront of this fight to make a change, gathering their teams of boxers and putting everything into the event.

Coach, Ross Lawson said: “We chose to call this event ‘Fight for Life’ because that is what we’re doing, it’s what we believe in trying to accomplish here, getting everyone to fight for their lives.

“I am so passionate about this work, I think it is the most important issue we face today and if I can help in any way I will.

“Fitness is the best thing to clear your head whether you’re facing problems at home, at work or in your relationships.

“We want to get people talking about their problems and work through them using boxing, and if they don’t want to talk we provide a space where there is no judgement.”

The club has gone from having a focus on fitness to the mental well-being of their members.

Co-owner of Full Power Fitness, Paul Holmes, said: “Fitness is a by-product of what we do here, it was our main focus once, but we realised there was something more important we needed to work on.

“We offer anyone a chance to train with us at no cost if they need the help. It gets them out of the house, back on their feet.

“Mental health is the silent epidemic that this country is facing and it affects all of us.

"We’ve all been through something and at Lion’s Den we want to help as many people as we can.”

Fighting at the event will be boxer, Phil Cauldwell, 32 from Heanor, he said: “This is something we are really passionate about.

"We’ve had a lot of suicide in the local area, especially with men.

"I want to put the fight in me into the ring and raise as much money and awareness as I can.”

Tom Parker, 22 from Heanor, said: “I’ll be fighting on the night because I believe mental health is an important part of society today that is often overlooked.

"Raising awareness in any way we can, could be a big help for our community.”

With countless members of the gym admitting to suffering with mental health problems, Mind was the “obvious choice” to receive the money raised.

Sam Goodrum, head coach, said: “It’s our first home show, we wanted to do it properly.

“A lot of our members have struggled with mental health and there has been people in the local boxing community who have ended their lives.

“We want to try and make a difference.”

EBF British Champion, Hannah Jones, 22 from Heanor said: “I think everybody can relate to this charity because everybody knows somebody who struggles with mental health.

“Most of the people who are boxing, do it because they struggle with their own mental health.

“It helps them focus on something better.

“Now they are giving back.”