Heanor author has now published his 11th book

Neal James
Neal James

An author from Heanor is about to publish his 11th book since 2008.

Neal James worked in the accountancy profession for more than 40 years and came into writing as a result of an entry in an international short story competition in the autumn of 2007.

That piece, although failing to win, did finish in the top ten entries and spurred him on to further writing.

Neal said: “Membership of a number of internet short story sites gave me further encouragement, and after experimenting with an American self-publisher, I decided to take the plunge into the world of commercial publishing.”

At the end of July 2008 Pneuma Springs accepted Neal’s book, A Ticket to Tewkesbury, and within three months it was on the market, being available through Waterstones high street stores, and online.

Neal said: “The book has found its way to Texas, Oregon, Baltimore, Michigan, Indiana, The Gambia, France, Australia and New Zealand. Take up on the domestic front has been very good both with UK and Irish libraries, and also in the retail market.”

Now Neal has published his 11th book with Short Stories Volume Three which will be followed by Short Stories Volume Four as well as a novel called Dreamkiller.

Other published works by Neal include the sequel to A Ticket to Tewkesbury, Day of the Phoenix, Two Little Dicky Birds, Threads of Deceit, Full Marks, The Rings of Darelius, Twelve Days, Three Little Maids  and Short Stories Volume Two. ​​

For more about Neal visit www.nealjames.webs.com.