Derbyshire location named as one of top ten UK places to go 'off the grid'

A Derbyshire location has been named as one of the top ten places to go 'off the grid' in the UK.

Lady Clough Forest features on a new map highlighting the best off-grid nature spots around the UK, which has been compiled by Shackleton Whisky.

Shackleton Whiskey has compiled a list of the top ten places to go 'off the grid' in the UK

Shackleton Whiskey has compiled a list of the top ten places to go 'off the grid' in the UK

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All locations have been chosen because they have poor or no 3G, 4G or 5G signal in the area, meaning they're a great place to go to truly get away from it all.

And now one of the locations featured, a farm in South Ayrshire, has launched a bid to protect the 'offline' space from the introduction of mobile phone network coverage.

The owners of Creeside Farm beside Galloway Forest Park, part of an officially designated UNESCO Biosphere, are lobbying authorities to prevent the introduction of 3G, 4G and 5G networks in the area.

The proposal, if successful, will be the first time a space of this kind has received protection, preserving it as an “offline” sanctuary.

Lady Clough Forest. Photo - Tom Kahler.

Lady Clough Forest. Photo - Tom Kahler.

The move comes as new research by the whisky company revealed over half of British mobile phone users (56 per cent) find it impossible to switch off from technology. With the average user now spending a minimum of one hour and 26 minutes a day on their phone, over a third (34 per cent) of Brits have undertaken a digital detox to help escape distractions.

As well as petitioning to ring-fence the offline status of parts of Galloway And Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere, Shackleton Whisky has now developed the first “off-grid” map of the UK. The map pinpoints many of the best locations in the UK where people can switch off from emails and social media.

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Kenny Nicholson, Head of Modern Spirits at Shackleton Whisky, said: “A good sign you are having an adventure is when you lose phone signal; whether that’s hiking up a mountain, or trekking through a forest, or heading to some of the more remote parts of the country.

“There’s something liberating about being offline and embracing what you’re doing instead. As the world becomes more hectic, it’s important to escape every now and then and to protect the places that make that possible.”

Elan Valley. Photo - Craig McDowell

Elan Valley. Photo - Craig McDowell

And Sarah Redman of Creeside Farm, said, “Improving connectivity around the country is vital to all of our daily lives, but as important steps are made towards improving this in rural areas, it’s interesting to consider the impact it might have on some of our much-loved off-grid spots. Everyone who stays at our Shepherd’s Hut actually want to get away from their phones. The fact we don’t have Wi-Fi or reliable signal at our Shepherd's Hut B&B is a big selling point.

Top 10 Off-Grid locations in the UK:

Glencoe Valley – Scotland

Cathedral Cave – Lake District

Galloway Forest Park.

Galloway Forest Park.

Plover Hill – Yorkshire Dales

Lady Clough Forest - Derbyshire

Galloway Forest Park – Scotland

Elan Valley – Wales

The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye – Scotland

Lake Vrnywy - Wales

Kynance Cove – Cornwall

Pike O’ Stickle – Lake District