Parents outrage at nursery closure

A working mum fears she will have to quit her job when the Cotmanhay nursery her daughter attends closes at the end of August.

Elizabeth Law, a community carer, says she is ‘outraged’ that the Pre School Learning Alliance nursery, based at Cotmanhay’s Sure Start Centre, will shut its doors on August 31.

Her daughter, who is about to turn one, has been at the Beauvale Drive nursery since she returned to her job part time in April.

She said: “Going back to work for me has been brilliant but it was hard at first.

“The staff at the nursery have been brilliant and I wouldn’t want to leave my daughter anywhere else.

“Because I work shifts it suits me really well paying an hourly rate.

“At other nurseries I’d have to pay an all day rate which I just can’t afford.

“I know there are other people in the same position, we want to work but closing the nursery means that we can’t afford to.”

The nursery, run by the Pre School Learning Alliance - an educational charity set up to provide flexible and affordable childcare, employs six staff. Bosses are hoping to avoid making redundancies by redeploying workers.

Another parent, Maggie Teer, said: “I’ve just started volunteering and I’ll have to stop now.

“That nursery is so important to a lot of people round here and we want it to stay open.”

Anna Swain’s three-year-old daughter Emilia, also attends the nursery. She said:

“I’m looking to go back to work but without that nursery I’ve got no chance.

“It’s all happened so quickly, people are really upset by this and we’ll do everything we can to keep it open.”

Sue Swift-Jackson, county manager for the PSLA, said: “It’s not the decision any of us wanted to make but the reasons behind the closure are rising rates and a lack of demand.

“As a charity we couldn’t go on incurring debts at such a rate, the size of the centre, increasing overheads and the number of children made it unsustainable.”

To pledge your support join the Facebook Group Stop the Closure of the SureStart Nursery.