Pair convicted of causing death of young Derbyshire mum walk free from court

Abbie Chambers.
Abbie Chambers.

A judge at Nottingham Crown Court today allowed two motorists convicted of causing the death of a young mother by careless driving to walk free from court.

Driver Emma Fogg, 21, and motorcyclist Timothy Sandars, 20, each received four month prison sentences, suspended for two years along with 150 hours community service and 12 month driving bans.

The pair were convicted of causing the death by careless driving of mum-of-two Abbie Chambers, 21, from Heanor, in a trial which concluded earlier this month.

Abbie died last February after the motorcycle on which she was a passenger was involved in an accident with a car and another motorcycle on the A610 near Ilkeston.

Judge Jeremy Lea said that car driver Emma Fogg, of Priory Road, Ilkeston, had changed lanes on the day without indicating or checking her mirrors properly.

Had she done so she would have undoubtedly seen the two motorcycles in the outside lane of the dual carriageway, said the Judge.

Of motorcyclist Timothy Sandars, of Morley Road, Chaddesden, the Judge said he had been travelling too close to the motorcycle being driven by Kyle Threlfall on which Abbie was a passenger.

He also said that Sandars had been riding too fast and these two factors gave him too little time to react when Fogg pulled out unexpectedly.

However, the Judge said that both Fogg and Sandars were of good character and that imposing prison terms on them would achieve little.

He said: “Abbie’s parents have lost a much loved daughter and two children have lost their mother.

“Each of you will have to carry that responsibility for the rest of your lives.”

Abbie’s mother and father, neither of whom were present, both gave statements which were read in court by prosecutor Sarah Knight.

Her dad, Finley Chambers, said his daughter was ‘strong willed, mad and beautiful’ and that she left an impact on everyone she met.

Her mum, Sandra Chambers, said that Abbie was her only daughter and that she missed her ‘terribly’.

“She had so much to look forward to and now she is gone.”