Paintings of historic trams

Ripley Rattler, 1925
Ripley Rattler, 1925

A series of paintings to depict the historic ‘Ripley Rattlers’ tram line, which ran through, Langley Mill, Eastwood and Kimberley, have been produced by a Derbyshire artist.

The artworks by Ruth Gray, of Belper, show the route that the trams took in the early 1900s.

The paintings will be displayed as part of an exhibition at the Rainbow Gallery at the DH Lawrence Heritage Centre on Mansfield Road, Eastwood, from May 30 to July 13.

Ruth has worked as an artist for the past decade and decided to focus on the Rattlers route after reading up about it at the Crich Tramway Museum.

The route achieved infamy between 1913 and 1933. It was operated by Notts and Derby Tramway Company.

The name is derived from the rattle produced by the trams as they trundled along.

The route, which featured double-decker tram cars, linked the likes of Ripley and Heanor with the main areas of the Advertiser district.

It is understood that Eastwood’s most famous son DhH Lawrence, who was born in the town, described the tram service as the most dangerous in Britain.

Ruth, 41, said: “I found the story of the Ripley Rattlers fascinating, especially because it was so dangerous.”