Owl moves in to village wood

A fierce predator has taken up residence in the trees of a village woodland, according to members of a local trust.

The tawny owl has been spotted in the community owned Waingroves wood - and could be nesting there for some time.

John Stamp of the Waingroves Community Woodland Trust said: “We are really excited as this tawny owl is not only ‘hoo hoo hooing’ to us but showing itself to walkers regularly.”

The woodland was bought by the community three years ago and is maintained by the trust. It’s thick trees provide a natural habitat for the tawny, or brown ow, which waits within the trunks of the mature trees to pounce on prey such as mice or voles. John said: “We hope that the owl is breeding and will carefully watch for signs of young owls which make a ‘sheevick’ call when fledging. Seeing a beautiful bird such as the tawny owl in the woodland is fantastic and makes all our volunteer time worthwhile.”

Although John said the trust is keeping the exact location of the bird secret.

The Waingroves Community Woodland volunteers meet each Monday morning and anyone interested in getting involved should contact John on 07535359424.