Over a thousand protesters expected at meeting to decide the fate of Amber Valley tonight

Protesters outside Ripley Town Council
Protesters outside Ripley Town Council

Over one thousand protesters are expected to make their voices heard tonight at a crucial meeting to decide whether thousands of homes will be built across Amber Valley.

The outcome of this controversial meeting, which will only see 25 members of the public permitted to attend, will likely shape Amber Valley for generations to come experts have warned.

Hordes of disgruntled campaigners from several groups, angry that their views are not being taken into consideration have planned to show their displeasure by showing up at Ripley Town Council,

Starting at 6.30pm this evening they plan to stand outside the town council building in Ripley armed with drums, whistles, banners and placards making themselves heard.

One upset resident told the Ripley & Heanor News today: “The people are just not at all happy with everything that’s going on

“Even after everything that’s been said so far, the council are still not listening to us.”

Belper MP Pauline Latham spoke out against the plans in this weeks edition of the Belper News saying: “The council has received a huge number of representations regarding these sites and it is important that they listen to the public and the reasons why these sites should not be developed. It is very disappointing that Amber Valley Borough Council do not seem to wish to open up the discussion to as many residents as possible.

“After all, the changes will have a huge effect on local services.”

Speaking on the Core Strategy MP for Amber Valley Nigel Mills said: “My view on this is that there are far too many houses in the Core Strategy. The way they added Lily Street in Swanwick was outrageous, and they’d be better off coming out of the Derby Housing Market Area and assessing it based on Amber Valley requirements alone.

“It’s perfectly right that Belper, as one of the four towns in Amber Valley, and being the one with the best connections to Derby, takes some share of the housing growth.”

It is believed with the backing Belper Town Council up to 1000 protesters from the area alone are expected tonight, hundreds more are expected from other areas in the region. 
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You can also follow the meeting live on the Ripley and Heanor News facebook page and on the @rhnews twitter page, you can get involved using the hashtag #AVhouses