Our Rescue Me campaign success

OUR Rescue me campaign, which aims to find new homes for unwanted pets has seen another year of heart warming success stories.

Each week in the News we try to rehome a pet who is down on their luck and currently holed up at Derby’s animal shelter.

The Rescue Me campaign has featured more than 50 cats, dogs, guinea pigs and rare birds this year – and according to RSPCA staff, with the help of the News, they have found a home for every one.

Supervisor at the centre Lucy Bell, 25, said this year’s newspaper campaign has been a roaring success.

She said: “It has been so important. Even if the pet people are looking for from the paper has already been reserved, it gets them to come in and have a look at other animals as well, which is really good.”

In January we featured a fine looking Boxer crossbreed by the name of Chase.

After he starred in Rescue Me, Chase was adopted by the Craig family from Hilton, near Derby.

Mum Vivian said: “He has made great friends with my cat Bailey, also an RSPCA success story, and they are often found asleep together in the dog bed. He loves everyone and will do anything for a treat and a fuss.”

Week in week out, communities manager at the centre Karen Carter picks us out an animal to star in the newspaper. But this year RSPCA Derby, on Abbey Street in the city, has been flooded with more pets than ever.

“We are always full, said supervisor Lucy. “As soon as one goes we have ten others waiting to come in.”

Many of the animals arrive in a poor condition. They include cat Rudolph who had terrible injuries to his neck as a result of being made to wear a collar that was too tight.

But the centre staff say after a bit of TLC the pets are back to their best.

“It’s all about spending time with them, Lucy added, “even just stroking them while they’re eating helps.”