Opposition leader brands ministers complacent

LEADER of the Amber Valley Labour Group Cllr Paul Jones has hit out at ‘out of touch ministers’ for the borough’s rising youth unemployment rates.

The Heanor and Loscoe ward councillor blamed Coalition leaders for ‘failing to act’ - as figures released last Wednesday showed Amber Valley’s long term youth unemployment has risen by 118 per cent.

Cllr Jones said the ‘complacent’ ministers are yet to find an alternative to Labour’s Future Jobs fund.

He said: “Our young people are being left to pay the price for this government’s failure”.

“Out of touch ministers need to wake up to the jobs crisis they’re responsible for and take urgent action now.”

Cllr Jones call comes as Chancellor George Osbourne prepares to reveal the Budget next week.

The Labour group leader said suggested the Chancellor should adopt a tax on bankers’ bonuses, which Labour leaders say could fund 100,000 youth jobs. He also backed calls for a tax break for small firms.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne said:

“It is now clear that the government’s troubled Work Programme is simply not doing the business. Ministers’ welfare to work schemes are just not up to the job.”

“With over a million young people out of work, and long term youth unemployment more than doubling in the last year it is simply unforgivable that two years on, there’s still no alternative to Labour’s successful Future Jobs Fund.

“This government’s mistaken decision to raise taxes and cut spending too far and too fast has choked off the recover, pushed up unemployment and will mean £158 billion of extra borrowing to pay for economic failure. We desperately need a budget for jobs and growth

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