Opposed to store plan


I wish to correct your report Relief road plans take a step forward” (Ripley and Heanor News, April 5, 2012) in which you quote Cllr Bradford, leader of Amber Valley Borough Council, stating that Ripley Town Council is ’delighted’ with the plans. I think the report should have referred to Ripley Town Football Club and not the town council.

Ripley Town Council remains strongly opposed to the supermarket on Nottingham Road Recreation Ground.

The borough council’s reports about the current ‘temporary’ planning application are very misleading. Back on November 2, 2011, at full council, Cllr Bradford said: Officers will be reporting to council tonight on firm proposals to progress the construction of the first phase of the A610 link road to Alfreton Road in Codnor, (between 1,500 to 1,800 metres (or about a mile) depending on the final route) if this development goes ahead.

But the offer on the table now shows what is basically an access for the supermarket of perhaps 150 metres.

What has happened to the firm proposals to build through to Alfreton Road?

Even if they could build through to Alfreton Road in Codnor, no-one would use that road because it’s already a bottleneck!

Steve Freeborn

Leader – Ripley Town Council