Open day staged for ex-servicemen’s new hostel in Heanor

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PEOPLE in Heanor were invited to learn more about a hostel for ex-servicemen which is set to open next month.

Derbyshire Dales charity Gamelea Countryside Training Trust (CTT) has secured two houses on Whysall Street to provide temporary accommodation for veterans.

The project aims to provide short-term support to ex-servicemen and women, including homeless veterans, struggling to settle into their new civilian lives.

Gamelea CTT will provides temporary accommodation as part of a training and support programme that gives veterans access to education, employment, health and housing support.

Derbyshire county councillor Kevin Parkinson said: “I know we all get behind our Armed Services, and there is much pride for the sacrifices they all make for us so we can live our own lives.

“But for some, leaving the services, especially after active tours of duty, that pride is often lost or misplaced. This project addresses that imbalance. I would encourage as many people as possible to come and learn about this work and get involved.”

The two houses have been provided at a peppercorn rent by the county council on a ten-year lease. Each property will house four people. A warden will live in a flat that overlooks both houses and is set above a cafe from where drop-in services will be run.

Elizabeth Hill, who founded Gamelea CTT 12 years ago, has set up the project with the help of friends. She describes the project as “an holistic approach” to the resettlement of service personnel.