One Derbyshire man hopes to turn his life around with the support of social media

Craig Bollington wants to go from coach potato to 10k runner
Craig Bollington wants to go from coach potato to 10k runner

Living a sedentary life and rarely exercising has gone on long enough for one man in his 40s who now has his sights set on completing a 10km race for charity next year.

Craig Bollington is a lorry driver who works nights and apart from walking his dog rarely moves.

The 41-year-old said: “I sit down all day and I eat and I drink and I sleep and do nothing else.

“I’ve had enough of being like this so I’ve set myself a challenge to do a race that will push me and make me focus.”

Craig, from Codnor, tips the scales at 17.5 stones and is also trying to give up smoking in another effort to improve his health.

He said: “I have put it out on Facebook and step up a just giving page because I need the encouragement.

“There is nothing wrong with saying I don’t think I can do it on my own, I can obviously, but if people know what I am doing they can help me when I’m feeling down and it’s easier to let yourself down but when others have given their hard earned money I just can’t let people down.”

The money raised to support Craig will be going to charity, and he thinks he will be backing Macmillan Cancer support.

“I don’t feel unhealthy I just want to turn my life around for the better,” he said.

Craig is already three weeks into his Coach to 5km programme, done through Change 4 Life, and now heads out for exercise when he finishes work at 6am most days.

To offer your support to Craig and follow his journey find him on Facebook: coach potato to 10k.