Old pals rally in Phil’s name

OLD school pals from Heanor who reunited in honour of a friend who lost his life to leukaemia have raised over £16,000 for charity.

The 17 members of HG 91 all left Heanor Gate college in 1991, but reformed 20 years later after the death of their friend Phil Burrows.

The group met every fortnight to dream up new schemes to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. Over the last six months they have completed bag packs at Tesco, sponsored walks, charity football matches and a fashion show.

In April 20, the 17 friends took the plunge with a sponsored 13,000 ft skydive in memory of Phil, who enjoyed high-risk sports such as sky diving and bull-running. Phil died three months marrying his American sweetheart Mandy Hansen in July last year and aged just 36.