Oil Spill clean up operation in Langley Mill

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Environment officers had ‘a lot of oil to deal with’ as a spill put the Nethergreen Brook in Langley Mill in danger.

The Environment Agency is investigating the cause of the oil spill and is in the process of a cleanup operation.

Environment office Paul Reeves took to Twitter to keep people updated on the spill.

He said: “I’m dealing with a #oil pollution at #LangleyMill. A tanker and our #opsdelivery team is en route to start cleanup.

He later tweeted at around 11am: “Clean-up has started on the Nethergreen brook at #LangleyMill. There is a lot of #oil to deal with! “

The agency added the brook is on an industrial estate and they suspect that to be the source of the leak.

A spokesperson said: “We are relatively content that we have contained the oil pollution, but are aware that any rain may make containment of any remaining oil more difficult. Our Officers have been on the scene all day and have made significant progress in soaking up and removing what appears to be a thick hydraulic oil.

“We are always grateful to members of the public who report pollution incidents, as this allows us to take early action which significantly reduces any environmental impact. Whilst our officers are still working hard to deal with the pollution we are now turning our attention to investigating the exact source of the leak and what further action should be taken.”