Swanwick woman’s maggot ordeal to feature on TV show

Flesh-eating maggots which crawled in to the ear of a Swanwick woman are set to feature on a new Discovery Channel show this Sunday.

Rochelle Harris returned from a dream holiday to Peru with her boyfriend James, when she started experiencing shooting pains down the side of her face.

She also began to hear ‘scratching sounds’ inside her head.

But she was given the shock of a lifetime, when doctors at Royal Derby Hospital told her the symptoms were being caused by a hive of maggots which had bored a 12mm hole in her ear canal and were close to eating their way through to a facial nerve.

The ordeal, which nearly left Rochelle, 27, facially paralysed, is set to feature in the first episode of Discovery Channel documentary Bugs, Bites and Parasites, that will be aired on Sunday at 10pm.

The show, which producers say shows tales of ‘breath taking medical detective work, gripping human stories’ and ‘gruesome illnesses’, follows the work of specialists treating mysterious illnesses.

The program is set to document how doctors used olive oil to flush out two of the bugs. But they then had to move to ‘exploratory surgery’, which revealed eight maggots nesting in Rochelle’s ear canal

Further laboratory tests found a New World screwworm fly had laid eggs inside her ear, which had then hatched.

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