Clown scares were no joke say police

Further sightings of a creepy clown in the Ripley have emerged after a spree of 999 calls were made throughout November.

A fortnight ago the News revealed that a Freedom of Information request to Derbyshire Constabulary found there had been 29 reports of people dressed as Pennywise, the serial killing clown from horror film It.

In Ripley it was revealed group of girls were chased by one such impersonator and there were also sightings of a man dressed as a clown outside Swanwick Post Office.

This week more bizarre sighting have come to light.

Sergeant Andy Philips of the Ripley Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team received calls after masked marauders were reported knocking on people’s windows on the Elms Estate in Ripley.

He said: “We’ve not had any recently but we had people doing this all over the area.

“There was a lot of knocking on people’s windows. People were quite vulnerable and scared by it.”

Facebook users of the Spotted Ripley’s Clown page report a masked impersonator spotted near Codnor Industrial Estate - carrying a rubber dingy.

Sgt Phillips said there has been no sightings in two months however.

He added that the appearances were unlikely to have been made by the same person and added that few of those who witnessed the clowns saw the funny side.

“If you were isolated and someone knocked on your window you certainly wouldn’t think it was a joke,” he said. “They might have worried they were being targetted.”

A police spokeswoman had previously said that the craze seems to have been a fad that is now passed.