Charlie’s a pretty boy in new jumper

Parrot Aid: Jacky Starke presents Charlie the parrot and Rebecca Blagg with a new Cardigan.
Parrot Aid: Jacky Starke presents Charlie the parrot and Rebecca Blagg with a new Cardigan.
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A fashion-loving parrot is enjoying modelling his brand new cardigan knitted by a Jacksdale craft maker – bringing his collection to six.

Charlie was rescued from a home where he was almost starved to death by Rebecca Blagg, of Eastwood.

The bird was so neglected he had plucked his own feathers out in a bid to eat.

Rebecca waited for his feathers to grow back, but when they didn’t, she decided to knit him a woollen cardigan to stop him from shivering and to keep him warm.

Despite having recovered – Charlie refuses to have his cardi’ taken off, and flaps his wings, shouts and stamps his feet - literally - if anybody tries to disrobe him.

Jacky Starke, who runs Nimble Fingers Craft group in Jacksdale is the latest to knit Charlie a new green and burgandy number last week.

Rebecca said: “We changed him into it and he seemed to like it.

“He sat on Jacky’s arm and kept saying ‘hello’ to her in a really posh voice! He doesn’t usually do that!”

“We were chatting and laughing about something and he started joining in and laughing along. He will do and say what he wants, when he wants. You can’t encourage him to talk. He’s really quite a character.”

Jackie said she vowed to knit him a new woolly as soon as she met him.

“I just fell in love with him straight away.

He is so cute,” she said.

Charlie hit the national headlines last week for his taste in knitwear, and has sparked interest as far and wide as Brazil and Canada.

Rebecca has taken in 100 rescue birds and 16 rescue parrots.

She pays for their food and upkeep out of her own pocket, spending almost £500 every month on seeds, pellets, nuts, fruit and vegetables.

If anybody could help with any donations or with fruit and vegetable scraps they should call her on 01773 770891.