Car smashes into Ripley house

Car crashes into house Norman Road, Ripley
Car crashes into house Norman Road, Ripley

A 44- year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a car ploughed into a BMW and a house on Norman Road in Ripley.

The home of David Martin, his wife and three children physically shook when the black Ford Fiesta struck the family’s car before carrying into the two-storey property shortly before 9am on Wednesday, September 11.

“I was in my office upstairs when it happened,” said public sector specialist Mr Martin, 43. “I thought it was a lorry at first. My wife and children had just gone to school 20 minutes before. My vehicle has been shunted across the driveway to where they would have been standing - if it had happened earlier they could have been killed.”

The front room of the property was left caved in by the smash, but assessors later deemed the building structurally sound.