Breaking news: What was it? Mystery object seen flying over Heanor


A mystery object spotted flying across Heanor late last night has sparked debate on social networking sites with local residents claiming what they saw was in fact a UFO.

The object, which was described as circular in shape and well lit, was spotted by several eye-witnesses who were quick to contact the Ripley and Heanor News and our sister publications with what they believe was a phenomenal sighting.

David Jones, 46, of Hands Road, Heanor said he could hardly believe his eyes when the ‘mystery object’ went by.

“I went outside to let the cat in and just as I was closing the back door I spotted something in the corner of my eye.

“At first I shrugged it off as I thought it was just a plane, but I found myself doing a double-take and I just couldn’t believe my eyes, the object looked as if it was hovering and was incredibly bright.

“I called for my son Jamie to come and have a look and confirm my suspicions, but by the time he arrived it had gone, just like that.

“As if he needed another reason to think I’m an idiot!”

That being said, David wasn’t the only Heanor resident to spot the mystery object as reporters here at the Ripley and Heanor received no several messages overnight from frantic readers claiming to have caught sight of the potential UFO. Melissa Biggs contacted us via facebook early this morning asking us to appeal for anyone else who thinks they may have seen the unidentified flying object to come forward.

“These aren’t isolated cases, people claim to see UFO’s all the time, surely that has to mean something?

“I’m absolutely adamant that was I saw wasn’t just an aeroplane, I phoned my husband shortly after I saw it, as I knew it was about the time he’d be coming home from the pub, when I asked him if he saw it he said he didn’t and that I was mad and that I should stop watching rubbish on TV that gives me ideas, but I know what I saw!”

Did you see the mystery object? Perhaps you can help with what could be our biggest ever investigation, comment below and let us know.

... As it’s now after 12 we can admit that this was an April Fools’ joke, but if you do spot a UFO please make sure you let us know!