OAP’s broken roof nightmare ends

Pat Sage (right) with daughter Carol Sage. This roof tile fell from her roof, narrowly missing her.
Pat Sage (right) with daughter Carol Sage. This roof tile fell from her roof, narrowly missing her.

Two elderly neighbours have finally seen their home nightmare caused by a broken roof end after the Ripley & Heanor News stepped in this week.

Scaffolding had gone up four months ago at 83-year-old Pat Sage’s home on Bradshaw Avenue, Riddings, after a section of her roof crashed to the ground during the storms which lashed the UK in 

She got in touch with the News after the roof was not fixed and the scaffolding not removed. We contacted her landlord, who this week went along to fix the problem.

Pat was overjoyed that the problem had finally been sorted and thanked the News for stepping in.

She had said the scaffolding had been a major problem for her, and also affected her neighbour, Ray Baines, as it had blocked light to his living room. Mr Baines claimed he could not open windows due to the 

Earlier this month while outside gardening, Pat had a fright when a large part of the roof came crashing down, missing Pat by inches.

In March when the first section of roof came off Pat had contacted her Oldham-based housing provider, Guinness Northern Counties, which quickly came out to erect the scaffolding, although workmen did not then return to fix the problem.

Grandmother Pat said of the latest incident: “It frightened the life out of me when the roof fell. It was about six or seven inches away from me.

“Although it did graze my arm on its way down though, fortunately I was wearing a cardigan which protected 

Pat also spoke of her fear following the incident and how it had deterred her from spending time in her garden incase another part of the roof fell.

Carol Sage, Pat’s daughter voiced her displeasure over how the issue had not been sorted before now fearing it had been ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

She said: “A huge chunk of that roof came down and it could undoubtedly have killed her had it hit her.

“The roof needed fixing as it had been negatively affecting more than one 
person’s life.”

After the Ripley & Heanor News took up the issue with Guinness Northern Counties we received a statement from a company spokesperson, which said: “We have been to visit Mrs Sage to apologise in person for the delays regarding roof repairs and scaffolding at their home on Bradshaw Avenue.

“The property and scaffolding were thoroughly inspected by our repairs delivery manager who has confirmed there is no risk to the safety of residents. An immediate plan of works was agreed to complete the roof repairs and remove the scaffolding within seven days.

“We offer our sincerest apologies to the Sage family for this unfortunate error, which is a result of miscommunication between parties, and are working to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.”