OAP driver banned after hitting baby on crossing

A 90-YEAR-OLD man has been banned from driving indefinitely after hitting a baby’s pushchair on a pedestrian crossing and knocking it down the road.

Magistrates heard that the seven-week-old girl was strapped into the buggy and was left with a lump on one side of the head.

She received emergency treatment from a paramedic called to Alfreton Police Station and then went to hospital for a head scan. This revealed she was suffering from shock but had no other injuries.

Southern Derbyshire magistrates heard that 90-year-old Cyril Coleman, Stretton Road, Morton, was at the wheel of the car involved in the accident on Hall Street, Alfreton, on September 22.

He pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention. At the court in Derby, he was banned from driving until he passes his test again.

But grey-haired Coleman, who represented himself in court, said: “I have finished with driving altogether. I have never drove for three months. I have finished altogether.”

The pensioner, who had a clean licence, was fined £100 with £35 prosecution costs and a £15 government surcharge. Presiding magistrate Terry Shand told him: “You drove through a red light on a pedestrian crossing and hit a child in a pushchair being pushed by her mother. It could have resulted in a potentially very serious head injury.”

Lynn Manning, prosecuting, told the court that the accident took place at 11am when the baby girl was out with her mother and grandmother.

“The mother confirmed they pressed the button for the traffic lights and waited for the green man to be displayed.

“As soon as it was there, they started to cross the road. A car went through the red light and struck the pushchair, sending the pushchair down the road upside down.

“The granddaughter was strapped in and was taken out and taken straight to the police station where she was seen by a paramedic.”