OAP Connie’s upset over garden thefts

Connie Lord
Connie Lord

Pensioner Connie Lord has told how she is ‘sick to the back’ teeth of thieves who keep targeting her little garden that she works hard to keep lookiing nice

Frustrated Connie, 67, of Lowlands Lea, Heanor, has been the victim of thefts of oranments from her front garden seven times in four years.

Connie Lord

Connie Lord

Connie, a retired cleaner, loves to sit in the garden and added ornaments to make it “look nice“. But she says the thefts have left her feeling very upset.

She said: “I’m so incredibly fed up of the light-fingered people coming past my home at night and taking my ornaments.

“At first when something was stolen I replaced it and viewed it as an isolated 
incident, but it has just continued and continued.

“After two years I’d had enough and I notified the 
police but of course there’s 
only so much they can do. Nobody can watch the 
ornaments all the time.”

The small garden, neatly and considerately decorated with pebbles and a bench 
originally had several bird ornaments, which lit up at night, adorning the 
perimeter of the garden.

She added: “I think having the birds so close to the edge of the garden didn’t help. I just wanted to pretty up the area so that everyone could enjoy it as much as I do.

“I just feel like I can’t win any more. It’s a very upsetting experience.

“I’ve resorted to bringing everything from the garden in at night now, which really isn’t ideal. It defeats the point of having them in the first place.

“What’s the point having them if they can’t be shown off? Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could have something out there they couldn’t take. I’d just like to say thank you to the thieves, you’ve won. Four years is far too long to continue fighting a losing battle.”

A police spokesperson said: “We’re aware of the thefts spanning the last few years and we are currently investigating the latest incident.

“We advise anyone who may be concerned about their own garden accessories to install security lighting on their properties and make sure that their foliage is cut so that offenders cannot use it as cover.”