No water restrictions this summer in Derbyshire, say Severn Trent bosses

Severn Trent has thanked customers for using water wisely and confirm that water use restrictions will not be necessary this summer.

Martin Kane, customer services director, said: “We want to thank our customers for thinking twice about how they used water during the exceptionally dry spring. We are pleased to report that we are now confident of maintaining supplies without the need for any water use restrictions this summer.

“The situation has also been helped by the return to seasonal average rainfall in June and July.”

Furthermore recent research by the Consumer Council for Water shows that householders across England and Wales are taking bigger steps to use water wisely around the home.

Nearly half of customers told the consumer watchdog that they take showers instead of baths in order to save water. The numbers of people who say they only fill their kettle with the water they’ll use trebled between 2009 and 2010. Also in that time, those claiming to use an energy and water efficient washing machine have more than doubled, five times as many people say they’ve installed water efficient shower heads, and nearly twice as many water customers claim to have installed a water butt to collect rain water.

Martin Kane continued: “Customers really should be applauded for going the extra mile to use water wisely. The statistics from the Consumer Council for Water tell us that householders understand water is a limited resource and want to do their bit to ensure supplies are secure into the future.

“We’re doing our bit too. We’ve been working hard to repair and prevent leaks, and right now our leakage levels are among their lowest ever. We’ve also set ourselves tough targets to further reduce the amount of water leaked from our system over the next few years.

“Longer term, we’re also calling for new ways of managing our nation’s resources through initiatives like water trading.”

Those looking for ways they can use water wisely can visit Severn Trent’s website, to find out more, and request a free water saving kit.