Nigel Mills MP: ‘We must focus our efforts after EU vote’

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.
Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills.

Just over a month ago, a majority of the country and indeed Amber Valley voted to leave the European Union.

The country and my constituents have spoken, and now our new Prime Minister is in place, we should turn our focus and efforts to taking back control of our borders, restoring sovereignty and securing a free trade deal.

I am reassured that Theresa May and her new ministerial team are committed to making Brexit work. I’m also reassured by the impressive agenda the Prime Minister has set out, including her commitment to ensure Government policies work in the interest of ordinary working people - building a country that works for everyone. Immigration has long been a concern of my constituents and I’m pleased to see her reaffirm the Government’s commitment to tackling immigration and bring net migration levels down to sustainable levels.

Following the referendum result we have a real chance to rebalance the country and work on addressing the pressures which have impacted public services over recent years.

Ending freedom of movement will allow us to relieve some of these pressures we face locally including those which affect our schools, hospitals and housing.

As we look to start the process of leaving the European Union, I look forward to working with her on acting on these concerns and representing the concerns of my constituents.

I appreciate many people’s concerns about the future in a time of uncertainty, however I’m pleased that over the last month, job numbers are up - with major recruitment agency Reed stating this week that they have seen a notable increase in job opportunities. I will work hard to ensure that this is reflected in Amber Valley, bringing more jobs and prosperity to our community.

To support this, I am pleased to see countries lining up to negotiate trade deals with the UK, notably including Australia.

Trade deals are important as they will boost trade, and in the process boost economic activity, by reducing or even removing barriers to trade across international borders. It’s great to hear that despite the scaremongering over the referendum campaign, our international trading partners recognise our important trading position as the fifth largest economy in the world. Important steps have already been taken to ensure Britain remains an attractive place to do business, including the Government’s recent commitment to lower corporation tax to 15 per cent following the referendum result, something I called for in Parliament.

This is an important measure, boosting prosperity and attracting investment - highlighting that Britain is open for business.

There will be obstacles to overcome in the coming weeks and months - and opportunities to take advantage of, however I am confident that we have made the right choice for our country. We must now move forward to deliver this.

I welcome the new Prime Minister and her bold new agenda for the Government, and I look forward to working with colleagues and the new Prime Minister to ensure we secure a deal which is good for this country, and importantly my constituents in Amber Valley.