Nicky Law backs decision to postpone Worcester City v Alfreton Town

Alfreton Town boss Nicky Law
Alfreton Town boss Nicky Law

Alfreton Town boss Nicky Law has backed the referee’s decision to postpone his side’s game at Worcester City today.

The postponement came despite assurances from earlier inspections that the game would go ahead.

Cannock referee Michael D’Aguilar had lengthy discussions with both managers before reluctantly coming to a sensible conclusion, with incessant rain increasing in volume every minute.

Law said: “If you looked at the projected weather forecast as l did yesterday, then you go on the lnternet and see it’s rain, rain, rain.

“I spoke to their officials and they said there was going to be some doubt. They play on someone elses ground and if they play today the pitch gets ruined, the pitch was never going to be playable.

“We got here - we could see the puddles on it - it’s holding water - it was gushing down with rain - everyone could see that if it started it probably wouldn’t finish - we’re just disappointed now we’ve travelled all this way - we’ll get on the bus and go back home.

“We don’t want to be coming here on a Tuesday night, but that’s what we’ll have to do now.”